OEM branded oils are very expensive for two reasons.  One reason is multiple layer distribution of two to four steps before the customer receives the product.  The second reason is that since warranties are often tied to the use of OEM branded lubricants, the customer must pay the price demanded by the OEM to avoid having their warranty coverage challenged.  As a result of these two circumstances, pricing for OEM compressor lubricants is often significantly higher than even oil company premium products.

Now you have an option:  Cronin Compressor Products offers a wide variety of lubricants and coolants that offer you an excellent alternative to OEM-specified lubricants at substantially less cost.  Contact us today for a quotation on our cost saving, high performance oils.


Compressed air is often a critical part of manufacturing operations and thus good, reliable compressor operation is always necessary.  Compressor oil is an important part of the equation and the lubricants market is very complex with several products being available.

Lubricants cool the compressor, extend drain intervals, lubricate moving and wearing parts, reduce sludge and varnish, and achieve compatibility with seals and rubber products. Cronin Compressor Products offers a lubricant and coolant product line that will help maintain optimal efficiency and reduce operating costs.  Our synthetic oils readily separate from water. This ease of separation dramatically reduces oil water emulsions that degrade the oil’s ability to lubricate. Reducing emulsions makes draining water from the sump easier and extends the service life of the compressor lubricant. Check out this guide and find the best! The addition of rust preventatives protects the components of the air compressor from corrosion caused by water.

Compressor oil is not governed by an association and there are no official performance standards.  Therefore, responsibility for marketing a satisfactory product has been up to the individual oil companies with performance requirements determined to a varying degree by the compressor original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Compressor OEMs help to eliminate some confusion by publishing minimum oil specifications required for their units.  They almost always market their own brand of compressor oil and often tie warranty requirements to the use of their oil.  Since there is not an official standard for compressor oil performance, end users feel compelled to use manufacturer recommended oil.  Unfortunately, in many cases the cost of this oil is unnecessarily inflated and is frequently exorbitant.  In addition, these oils often do not have the best performance characteristics that are available on the market.