Services Offered

Rebuilding of rotary screw air ends
Oil Analysis
Rebuilding of controllers
Legris Transair compressed air piping systems


We offer preventative maintenance, energy auditing, service, and installation through our affiliated compressor company which is a State of California licensed general contractor and has decades of combined experience in the service and repair of air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, and plant filtration. We can perform routine maintenance on your existing machinery, quote turnkey design, sizing, and installation of a new compressed air system, or redesign your current system to eliminate pressure drops, air loss, and other problem areas. This is legally accomplished using our affiliate’s contractor’s license (NOTE: damage or failure resulting from unlicensed or illegal installation may not be covered by your insurance).

Our expertise delivers peace of mind by keeping your air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, and air dryers running efficiently and consistently.  Imagine how much more productive and profitable your operation will be when you no longer suffer nuisance shutdowns and catastrophic failures due to lack of correct maintenance, improperly installed machinery, or poorly designed systems.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your maintenance requirements.  During our appointment, we’ll discuss your compressed air system’s needs, share with you our products, services, and how we operate, and answer any questions you may have.  Then, at the end of our meeting, if you feel comfortable, you’ll have the opportunity to choose us to be your compressed air parts, oil, and service supplier.  There will be no pressure from us to use our services.  At the very least, you will probably learn some useful tips to improve the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Whether you need help in the upkeep of your existing system or in upgrading to new equipment, let our expertise become your compressed air system’s maintenance solution!

Rebuilding of Rotary Screw Air Ends

General Reconditioning Procedures:
Send the air end with all external piping removed.  The core is disassembled and the components completely boiled out in a Winona Van Norman parts cleaner.  All rotor and input shafts are measured for proper size. If not to tolerance (+/- .0005″), shafts will be TIG welded with a high tensile, low heat, machinable rod and turned back to size.

The rotors are carefully examined and any profile damage or deep scratches in the rotors will be repaired.  If any portion of the rotor sealing strips had been scrubbed off during the failure they would be completely replaced.

The inlet and discharge bearing housings are checked for flatness and proper bore.  Any suspect castings are tested for heat cracks using a Magnaflux dye penetrant.  If either the bearing bores or gas seal annulus had sustained damage, they will be bored and bushed back to size.  Any substantial damage to the bearing housing faces or cylinder casing would be repaired.  Using special assembly fixtures to prevent bearing damage and state of the art SKF induction type bearing heaters, all bearings will be replaced using top of the line bronze caged bearings with proper internal clearance and preloads.  (Tapered roller bearing machines are fitted with top quality OEM type bearings.)  Rotor to housing clearances are set with OEM shims and checked manually.

A new OEM type shaft seal will be installed and the air end will be painted.  The unit will be spun on a test rig to check for vibration, noise, and leaks.  and will  be bolted onto a skid for shipment.

Rebuilt air ends are warrantied for one year.
The one year warranty is conditional upon customer chemically flushing out contaminated oil from the coolers and cleaning out the sump (all varnish, sludge, and metal contaminants must be completely removed), and installing new air, oil, and separator elements and oil when the rebuilt air end is installed.

Oil Analysis

Have your oil analyzed periodically.  This is inexpensive preventative maintenance for your critical machinery and will help prevent valuable time and money from being lost in unscheduled downtime.  Our oil analysis reports viscosity, % of total solids, TAN (total acid number), % water, and Particle Count of wear metals present.  Adding Particle Count to routine preventative maintenance testing can predict component failure and give control of the production schedule back to you.

Rebuilding of Controllers

We can have your controller rebuilt for about two-thirds the cost of a new OEM controller.  Rebuilt controllers carry a six month warranty from the date of installation.

Legris Transair

Transair is an innovative powder coated aluminum quick connect piping system for compressed air.  It delivers clean air with low dilation and good internal quality.  Transair piping is light, versatile, is assembled and modified quickly and simply, and the components are reusable.  Call us for a quote on the components or for a turnkey installation.