Lubricants and Coolants

Lubricants play a crucial role in the functioning of an air compressor. They cool the compressor, extend drain intervals, lubricate moving and wearing parts, reduce sludge and varnish, and achieve compatibility with seals and rubber products. Cronin Compressor Products offers a lubricant and coolant product line that will help maintain optimal efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our premium quality oils and lubricants are designed for rotary screw, reciprocating/piston, vane, and centrifugal air compressors, rotary screw, sliding vane, reciprocating, and liquid ring vacuum pumps, and rotary lobe blowers. They are blended from petroleum, hydrotreated petroleum, diester, POE (polyol ester), synthetic diester, partial/semi synthetic, PAO (poly-alpha-olefin), synthetic food grade, synthetic silicone, and PAG (polyalkylene glycol) base stocks. In addition, we offer biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous compressor fluids and hydraulic oils.

Cronin Compressor Products offers a wide variety of lubricants and coolants that offer you an excellent alternative to OEM-specified lubricants. They are an excellent value and still meet the requirements recommended by the following compressor manufacturers:

Atlas Copco Lubricants GA-4K, GA-8K, GA-FG, HD Roto Fluid, Roto-Inject Fluid, SL-10, SL-11, SL-20, SL-24, SL-30, SL-40, SL-50, SL-46, SL-50, SL-60

CompAir CS100, CS 150, CS 200, CS 300, CS 400, CN 300, CompLube 10, SSL-46, SSL-68

Curtis RC-1000, RC-1000A, RC-1000S, RS-2000, RS-4000FG, RS-8000, RS-12000

Gardner Denver/ AEON 500, AEON 2000, AEON 4000, AEON 5000, AEON 6000FG, AEON 8000, Joy Mfg. AEON 9000SP, AEON AC-Food Grade, AEON PD Food Grade, AEON PG, AEON CL/AEON BIO, AEON 9000TH, AEON PD, AEON AC-SY, Formula F-2, Formula F-4A, Formula F-6, Formula F-7

GrimmerSchmidt GSL-8

Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra Coolant, H-1F Food Grade, SL200, Ultra Plus Coolant, Silicone, FG Coolant, XL700, T30 Select, XL740HT, XL-300, Pro-Tec, Techtrol Gold

Kaeser S-100, S-150, S-320, S-460, S-680, M-100, M-150, M-460, FG-460, Omega SB-220

LeRoi SSL-32, SSL-35F, SSL-38, SSL-46, SSL-50SSL-68, CompLube 10

Palatek-Sullivan Pallube 32, Palatek AFX 32, Palasyn 32F, Palasyn 45

Quincy Quin-Cip 32, Quin-Cip 68, Quin-Cip 100, Quin-Syn FG, Quin-Syn IV, Quin-Syn PG, Quin-Syn Plus, Quin-Syn HP, Quin-Syn XP

Sullair Sullube 32, Sullube 60, SRF 1/4000, SRF 2/8000, 24 KT

Rotary Screw

There are several economic and environmental benefits using synthetics versus nonsynthetics in your rotary screw compressor. For example, our synthetics:
• May extend oil service life up to 8,000 hours
• Can reduce formation of sludge, varnish and carbon deposits
• Help achieve electrical savings between 2 – 5%
• Attain a cooler oil temperature
• Attain cooler discharge compressed air
• Lower oil consumption and carryover
• Increase wear protection resulting in longer parts life


Cronin Compressor Products offers OEM-quality lubricants for reciprocating compressors. When used in reciprocating compressors, these synthetic lubricants:
• Reduce deposit formation in high temperature valve areas
• Higher Flash and Fire Points
• Reduce oil feed rates, typically by 20 – 30%, in drops per minute (dpm) to compressor cylinders
• Reduce wear on piston rings and packing
• Are fully compatible with mineral oils & synthetics


Cronin Compressor Products provides centrifugal lubricants are created with specially formulated Polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based oils and additives. They are designed for maximum bearing protection, ultimately giving your compressor parts longer bearing life, excellent oxidation stability and extended drain intervals. Cronin Compressor Products centrifugal lubricants:
• Have outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
• Are compatible with most seals, plastics, rubbers
• Operate under a wide temperature range
• Are non-detergent
• Extend drain intervals and reduce oil disposal, thus increasing cost effectiveness

Rotary Vane

Cronin Compressor Products supplies rotary vane synthetic lubricants. Rotary vane synthetic lubricants:
• Reduce wear and prevent the formation of gum and sludge on vanes and slots
• Increase the oil drain interval in circulatory lubricating systems
• Reduce oil feed rates in drops per minute (dpm) in total loss in non-circulatory systems