Compressor Filters


We supply a full line of replacement air compressor filter elements, from the major brands to the hard to find, including filters found in the air line such as coalescing / pre-filters and particulate / after-filters, and filters on the compressor itself; oil filters, air intake filters, and air/oil separators.

The Importance of Air Filtration

The air intake filter may be the most important replacement part of an air compressor, because it is responsible for cleaning the compressed air before it is released. Replacing your air filter regularly with our high quality replacement elements will prevent harmful contaminants and particles from entering the compressor. Using an inferior filter will lead to frequent filter changes, premature lubricant change-outs and potential bearing and/or airend failures, costing you money and time. Simply keeping your air filter clean will increase the performance of your compressed air system, ultimately extending the overall operational life of your compressor.

The Importance of Oil Filtration

Oil filters play an active role in preserving the life of your compressor. They aid in removing contaminants, alleviating potential bearing damage and other potential problem areas within the compressor. As the oil flows through the element, the filter media removes the contaminants, cleaning the oil to be used downstream in the system. Changing oil filters at the recommended intervals with our high quality replacement products will extend the life of your compressor.

The Importance of Separators

Separators are specifically designed for oil-flooded rotary screw and vane air compressors. Most of the air and oil separates automatically in the separator tank. The role of the separator is to help ensure that all oil particles are removed from the discharge air before continuing downstream. This allows the air quality to stay intact and free of oil which is kept in the separator tank for potential re-use. The result is reduced carryover and less need for additional system fluid.